#8 Reformed

What does it mean to be Reformed? Are all Protestants Reformed? Do you have to be Calvinist to be Reformed? What about Reformed denominations? All this an more on this episode of Theology with Feet. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and if you like what you hear, shoot us a 5-star review. REF: Pocket

#6 Baptist

What does it mean to be a Baptist? Is that just another denomination or is it something more (hint, hint). In this episode, I’m talking about the practice of baptism, different traditions of baptism, some of the critical issues that touch baptism (how we think about baptism) and giving some VERY important implications for how

#4 Evangelical

What does it mean to be Evangelical? Why do we even care? Should you even care? (HINT: Yes, you should!) All this and more on this episode. Resources: Douglas Sweeney, The American Evangelical Story D. W. Bebbington, Evangelicalism in Modern Britain Tim Keller, Center Church State of Theology Survey